Help businesses unlock their full potential by leveraging Sigfox's global IoT network.

World Wide Network

The world's leading Internet of Things connectivity service, is already available in 65 countries and on every continent. The Sigfox network is really the a unique global network and ecosystem of IoT solutions, with integrated access technology and data management (backend). All solutions can harness the power of the world network.

Lower Cost

Sigfox devices and connectivity are often cheaper than traditional alternative networks. The extremely low power consumption gives a very long life to the solutions based on the Sigfox protocol. Easy installation and high autonomy of devices without the need for maintenance mean lower total solution cost (TCO) and the first truly mass-scale sensor interface technology.

longer battery life

Sigfox devices are up to 300 times more energy efficient than traditional IoT mobile devices and all the features of Sigfox technology are designed to save energy and efficient performance. The device's low emission power (25mW) is enough to transmit long-range data and allow the use of simple high-field devices.

long range

Sigfox technology ranks at the top of Low Power Wireless Networks (LPWAs), where messages can travel hundreds of kilometers seamlessly. The Sigfox provider community is committed to providing a robust and seamless operating network, providing the best possible coverage.

safe & reliable

The Sigfox network has unique built-in security and high operational reliability along with huge capacity. Sigfox's ultra-tight bandwidth transmission is extremely tolerant of all interference. The star network architecture is very robust and offers guaranteed levels of service. Sigfox is also free from DDoS attacks and malware, due to its low message load.


As a provider of Sigfox in Greece, we help businesses unlock their full potential in the development of the Internet of Things.
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The Sigfox network uses Ultra Narrow Band (UNB) radio technology and operates in free bandwidth (ISM).
Messages handled by the Sigfox network are small (12 bytes uplink payload, 8 bytes downlink connection) thanks to the lightweight protocol.

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The Sigfox network offers a high quality of service, which is highly resistant to interference. It is ideally positioned for low cost IoT devices that operate at extremely low power consumption and send data over a very long distance.

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The fastest way to get started with prototyping is a development kit compatible with Sigfox.
You will find a wide range of kits available on the Sigfox workshop network, including the widely used Arduino and Raspberry PI.

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